Discover & surpass sensual boundaries.

Our Mystery Boxes are a great way to introduce surprise & intrigue to your sex life.  Carefully selected items are packaged into our boxes to help you live your best life.  Go on, indulge yourself.

Mystery Boxes

Ideal for couples looking to explore passion & cross sexual boundaries.  Our Mystery Boxes offer intrigue and adventure, whilst also offering great value.  Each box contains a selection of toys and carefully selected cards, which may contain a selection of useful facts, challenges, or ideas to invigorate your sex life.

The contents of each Mystery Box changes from month to month.

Every box is available in Guy + Guy, Girl + Guy and Girl + Girl variations to suit your sexual preference.

Romance Mystery Box

Surprise your partner and show them you care.  Introduce a little intrigue, adventure and sensuality to your sex life with the Romance Mystery Box.  You can expect a dash of naughty but nothing too far out of your comfort zone.

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Kink Mystery Box

The Kink Mystery Box stretches a little further into the realm of naughty than our Romance Mystery Box.  Expect a dash of BDSM and anal play and other naughty treats.

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Bondage Mystery Box

Whether you're looking for a bondage starter kit or just want a new Bondage Adventure, our Bondage Mystery Box is a great way to delve into the world of BDSM.  Expect restraints, sex toys and unexpected challenges packed into our Cards.

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